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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 29, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ anchor: thank you for watching france 24. this is live from paris. let's take a look at the headlines. the french president gets his first major foreign-policy's beach. he says there can be no security without stability. the fight against terrorism. tensions escalate after north korea launches a missile over japan into the pacific ocean. the south korean prime minister calls it an unprecedented threat
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to security. after millions of dollars of damage in catastrophic flooding, there are fears the worst is yet to come. the president duda to arrive in texas for the response of tropical storm harvey. minister has a radical solution to ending the gender pay gap in the country, taking money out of spending corporations accounts. more of that in the business update. ♪ anchor: the french president says fighting terrorism is a top i already of french diplomacy. this, in his first major poor -- his first major foreign-policy speech. he focused chiefly on terrorism
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and ending financing to human trafficking and he spoke to nearly 200 envoys who attended the event. take a listen. [french]esident: translator: the top priority of our policy. islamist the term terror and i except the scope of that term. but there is no point in having a fear of islam. neither is confusing islamists with islamic. general suspicion with the millions of muslims in europe who have not a single link with the fanatical doctrine and i won't forget the muslims who sometimes endanger their own lives against this murderous obscure as him. anchor: also was douglas
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herbert. let's cross to him now. it was a long speech, over an hour. what were the major talking points? for signse's looking of what to does emmanuel macron's policy look like? what they got today was a speech that was very heavy on national security. emmanuel macron pledged on a promise to protect france and the french people, whatever it takes. in the early dates of his presidency he has been pragmatic. he has met with leaders that many find loathsome. and donald trump and he made him the guest of honor at the bastille day parade. out a staked non-ideological policy. the central issue -- as he told 170 diplomats gathered here the reasoncurity is
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for being. and he talked about other issues including the economy and migration and europe, but he did start his speech by saying the world's eyes are riveted on france and what france will do. he believes that france has a rightful role at the center of the world stage, playing a useful role. having bluster on the world stage. he identified spots in iraq and libya, a signaled out country where chaos rules and that is divided by competing governments. last month, he convened a summit here and he said he started the reconciliation process. he wants to see that continue. he sees that as central to his fight for containing terrorism. migration, it equally a top line.
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diedimmigrants have crossing. macron doesn't just want to tackle that at the origins by giving more developmentally to africa. he also wants to set up centers on african soil. in countries like chad and eventually libya when it is safer to do so. in order to identify the real refugees, political immigrants whose lives are in danger as opposed to political -- as opposed to economic immigrants. it is an ambitious policy but one that he sees as being possible if he makes the african continent a continent which will be crucial to the world's future , work together across the mediterranean divide with the europeans. in there early days macron presidency. there are a lot of links to be filled in. a lot of questions unanswered.
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in this speech, he made it clear as to what type of president he appears -- he aspires to be on the world stage. anchor: that was douglas herbert reporting. north korea's latest launch is an unprecedented series in a threat to regional security. north korea fired a ballistic missile designed to carry a nuclear payload that splashed into the pacific ocean. >> he is determined to fulfill his nuclear ambition. firstkorea testfired the missile in 1984. and since kim jong-un took over from his father, the pace of ballistic missile testing has picked up. he conducted 24 last year and 14 this year. his successes have multiplied and he has made a point of attending every test.
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into his rule, north korea launched a long rage rocket to put a satellite into orbit. a rocket similar in design of carrying a warhead as far as california. it disintegrated. undeterred, they did again launch a rocket into space. this time, successfully. north korea's capability has grown. in january 2000 16, the ground shook by 5.1 on the richter scale. north korea announced that they had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb more powerfully -- more powerful than an atom bomb. two months later, kim jong-un posed in front of a miniature warhead. a claim that authorities now believe is true. and which would make the rogue state capable of sitting on a
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.evos -- on a device in april, the regime and announce it had launched a regime for the first time since a submarine. another breakthrough came this year. experts say this did have a range of 4500 kilometers. -- it shows alaska is within reach. according to calculations, kim jong-un controls 60 nuclear weapons. announce it is considering missile strikes near the u.s. territory of guam. and on tuesday, they launched another missile that flew across japan. >> let's get reaction and cross to bruce harrison in seoul. we are watching a report that some of the previous missile attempts from north korea, what
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makes this latest one so much more provocative? >> i would say that number one, the trajectory. this flew over at the japanese tree fracture of hydro. it has been a long time since north korea has launched a missile in such a manner. i believe 2009 was the last time. a lot of analysts are taking a close look at how this missile flew in. even though it was just a slim part.f the southern it does go to show that they are very confident -- very confident in the accuracy of this intermediate range ballistic missile. some people are suggesting that this was a direct threat to the united states. so, even though they didn't launch the missile towards guam, as was suggested recently that they would send a volley of
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missiles towards the territory, they were showing that we are capable of accurately launching a missile the distance or close thereof to the u.s. territory. they were not aiming in japan, they were aiming at the united states, it indirectly, that is what many analysts are suggesting. anchor: shinzo abe called it an unprecedented threat on regional security. what has the reaction been like there? >> the reaction came quickly and harshly. newly elected president who took office in may, he said he wanted a quick and strong response with the south korean military and they ran a --ulation, a deep cap -- 80 a decapitation drill of sorts. putting bombs into a test field,
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as a sign of force. and the foreign ministry here, it did quickly turn and say, you need to turn towards the road for dialogue. that this will not end well if they don't end up having negotiations. and that is the one of the main campaign promises. that they would reengage north korea. and reopen economic projects, the twoings across countries. but they are struggling to do that right now, that is for sure. anchor: afghan officials say a bombing has killed people in kabul. they were likely targeting the ranch of the privately owned bank. it happened in a busy commercial area. not far from the embassy. after texas received a years worth of rain in one week,
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forecasters say catastrophic flooding from harvey is likely to worsen. had 75y already centimeters of rain and it could double in the coming days. harvey is the strongest storm to hit texas in 50 years. it paralyze the u.s. and killed at least eight people. due to. president is arrive in texas later today. he will meet with state and local officials as they try to coordinate efforts. he did declare a state of emergency in the state of louisiana. for more, philip crowther. >> tornado warnings and floodwater is not going anywhere, anytime soon here in houston. although this is a tropical , it has now slowly moved towards louisiana. state. the neighboring in houston, thousands of people spent their first night in one
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of the shoulders that were set up for them. i saw whole families being evacuated from neighborhoods that all of a sudden saw floodwaters rising. they had to be saved by many of the volunteers who i have seen and talked to in houston. font tears who have come from far and wide to use private people out of these neighborhoods in time, just in time to get them to one of the shelters. president will be visiting texas but he won't be coming here to houston. he will be going to corpus christi. that is the epicenter of the arrival of hurricane harvey went it was a category four hurricane. after corpus christi, donald trump will move on to the capital of austin. are, very few people talking about donald trump and his visits, they simply tell me they have more important things to worry about right now.
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reporter -- anchor: reporting now from houston. a new campaign now to put in end to the gender pay gap in france? >> that's right. france did ban companies from butng women less than men the law has been hard to enforce. and they still make 10% less than men in the same position. they into hit now companies where it hurts. the pocketbooks. >> pay discrimination may be illegal but the gap between what women and men are paid refuses to close. now, the state says they are working out a way to make it easier to find companies who break the law. >> a law exist but we realize there was no mechanism in place fines.t and reinject them into the state budget. we are now creating a way to do this. and this summer we made new
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rules that will increase the number of random checks for companies. >> in france, the undigested 55%.r pay gap stands at this is due to segregation in the labor market. carrytions women tend to out, teaching and sales, offer lower wages than those offered by men. pregnancy and maternity leave gives interruptions to women's careers that has a permanent effect on their pay. taking that into account, there is a gap of 9.9% between french men and women when they do the same jobs. early asgap starts as the first paycheck after graduation. france'saduate of prestigious university are paid less than their male counterparts. french business leaders are
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gathering for the annual conference of the employers federation. the first meeting since macron was elected president. discussions are expected to focus on the overhaul of the labor code unveiled this thursday. our business editor is at the conference which is taking place on the campus of the business school near paris. >> can you hear me? hi. yes, i can. cracks first off, the business community is supportive of macron's plan. are they feeling optimistic? are theh and confidence themes of this year's event. and that is reflected in the economic figures we have been getting. business confidence is at a six year high. and economic growth is picking up as well. alot of it is centered around manual macron his business reforms which will help his
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leaders here to improve their businesses and grow their businesses and to hire staff. going into this meeting, the boss's boss, as he is known, has said they won't give up in any of their efforts positivity. reflect at those will be details given up on thursday. interestingly, the elements of the reforms that business leaders are focusing on our things like a new ceiling on how much redundancy payments can be capped at. and allowing companies to have more power to communicate directly with staff as opposed to referring to sector levels or agreements where cases are more restrictive on unemployed errors. so those will be dominating discussions here at the conference. they into that, -- saying want the government to continue to push for flexibility.
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they were involved in the negotiations that happened in those are to -- elements that are important to them and they want to deliver them with what comes on thursday. or theher macron minister are attending the conference. is the most important gathering of french business leaders. it is normal that they will come when they are new in the job to speak to business leaders. but they say they are not too concerned this time around that neither are attending. of the big because event coming on thursday. there are now 12 ministers that will be attending. and what method wants to hear from him on his reform.
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he is promised to reduce taxes and a want reforms to go ahead soon and to come up with the goods. and that is now happening tomorrow evening. cracks that was stephen carroll, .ur business editor we end now with the markets which have been reacting strongly to north korea's missile launch earlier today. european markets are headed for the worst day of the year with all major stock indexes in the red. frederick dax down. thelondon's ftse, 1.16% in negative. the euro has passed a $1.20 mark januaryfirst time since . you can see this here. following analysts suggestions that they could hold off on another rate hike this year after harvey's disasters impact on the u.s..
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anchor: thank you, that was the round up of the business news. time now for the press review. we are joined now by florence. hurricane harvey is front and center. a lot of what we are looking at is how the storm is being dealt with. >> let's look at this editorial. we have been focusing on editorials. coming up, a plea to trump to grant the billions of dollars be rebuilt that city. they say that trump's behavior has been worrisome during the storm but they know that the buck stops with trump which is why they have the plea. anchor: another aspect of the storm -- whether it was the decision-- the right to not evacuate houston. cracks that is the big debate. comes to the defense
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of houston officials to say it was overwhelmingly the right decision not to give people the order to evacuate. and all you have to do is look at previous hurricanes to understand why. particularly hurricane rita and katrina. according to usa today, millions of people would have been on the road to try to evacuate and it would have clogged up the roads and it wouldn't of help first responders get to the people who really needed help. this does go on to say that this was one of several lessons that u.s. authorities can learn. and there is another lesson when you look at hurricane katrina. a lesson that trump should learn with what not to do when you deal with a hurricane. the washington post looking at stories that are more positive, those who are helping others get to safety. >> calling it "harvey's heroes" and you had look at that today. saying this is a positive note.
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the stories of the first responders, neighbors, relatives, the effort into rescuing neighbors and the washington post points out that there are several questions that will need to be answered afterwards and one of them is, well, how much of this did have to do with climate change? a nudge to donald trump who is called the climate skeptic in chief. a wake-up call that climate change is real. and you get that feeling echoed here. about how trumps climate change denial might be put into question by the most recent severe weather episode. saying that trump is fond of building walls but the weather is something that will always find its way through. anchor: a plastic bag in kenya? many kenyans seem to support this? >> absolutely.
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they are focusing on this incredible new law. and essentially people run the risk of four years in jail and a fine of $38,000 if they use a plastic bag. all the details here in the star. pointing out that there were delays that lasted years before this actually went into effect. and if we look at another kenyan paper, you can see that we are focusing on how this is a good thing. how there will be many gains coming from plastic bats -- plastic bags. here, business or present his kicking off a summer meeting. and the hot topic will be kicking off reforms to the labor code. >> the top story today in france. and you can read about it. focusing on how business partners are really expecting a lot from macron. one of his key campaign promises was to reform france's labor
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code. and you can read about that here. here's the photo here of the big union. a big business representative. there are several. he actually gives an interview. and this is getting picked up in a lot of the papers. here is a quote from that interview. . message for the president "whatever you do, do not give up." , thatood on the promise is what is necessary right now. >> in years past, the president has attended this meeting but not this year? >> a point out that the government is in a tricky position. i have to rebalance the policy somewhat. it is seen as being right wing when it comes to the economy. soit is walking a fine line it has to make sure it isn't cozying up to much to this
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business leader. and it does point out that macron is worried about being seen as the president of the rich. the fat cats, if you will. and here is a pro-business paper, a critic of macron, saying that they are avoiding affection.display of it talks about the relationship, the secret relationship behind anded doors between macron his business representatives. and you can see again, this time in cartoon form, standing in front of a door here representing the summer meeting. and you can see he is wearing a party hat and there is confetti and he says that they are keeping a close eye on the government's work with cautious optimism but the cartoon is not buying that. a champagne cork is popping out of the party behind that. anchor: a lot of attention here in france on the new tenant?
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>> there is a presidential canine. a presidential pooch. his name is nemo. you can see the photo here at the palace. definitely settling into his new digs. a new dog but an old-school pr position from macron. following in a long tradition of presidential pup. -- had a dog. and francois hollande had a dog. wasmy favorite dog name bearnaise dog. anchor: thank you. that was a roundup of what was making headlines. you can find more information on our website. more news and weather and headlines coming up in just a moment. ♪ >> across africa.
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presented. >> from north and south africa and to mogadishu. ringing you all of the
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